"Will you be my civil partner?"
"No. I’ll be your wife though"

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Waterloo Road

Drifters - Ellie and Bunny Kiss

Fuck yeah!

they’re so cute together

Nikki’s new girlfriend?

So, this just happened. I may have squeaked a bit.



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Nikki and Lorraine kiss next episode!!!! (S08E21 - Thurs 2nd May 2013)

So after spoilers for episode S08E21 but then no Lorraine/Nikki spoilers for episodes S08E22 and S08E23 I was beginning to get a bit worried that not enough was going to happen in their storyline considering they only really have 10 episodes as Daniela (Lorraine) leaves at the end of this series but from this article it seems that they are set to kiss next episode so I am really happy and excited. Will be interesting to see exactly how it pans out.

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